The 5 W's of IML:

TCL IML Equipment
     -Side Entry IML
     -Top Entry IML 

TCL IMM Equipment
     -All Electric


Wetec W8 Series Side Loading IML

Side Loading IML Robots offer superior speed and reliability for precision placement of labels into the mould. Boasting in mould times of 2 seconds and below they provide fast, and repeatable IML performance. When paired with the option to remove and stack finished product (at same time as labels are inserted) in mould times are kept to a minimum giving the user maximum productivity.

Wetec offer a range of side entry models in various sizes to meet your specific IML needs. Their models include: W820E, W850E, W870E (click here for data sheet)

The intuitive design of the label cassette and EOAT allows labels to be reloaded without the need to stop the machine or the production cycle.

Side entry robots are particularly popular with smaller products such as small tubs, lids and containers where cycle times and max output are critical.

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