The 5 W's of IML:

TCL IML Equipment
     -Side Entry IML
     -Top Entry IML 

TCL IMM Equipment
     -All Electric




TCL Hofmann & We-Technology (Taiwan) are partnered together to bring you the latest technology and systems in the field of in mould labelling.

Comprising state of the art components, our IML machines are made with superior quality and reliability. Key system features include:

-Flexibility: changeable label magazine, stacking system and EOAT for various product types (e.g. Flat, round, rectangular, oval, and other special shapes). Ability to handle all label formats/shapes including flat, u-shape, wrap around and 5 sided labels

-Universal: Available for all common product sizes, both single and multiple cavity. Able to be added to all major IMM brands via Euromap interface

-Stability: Compact, solid construction for fast speed label insertion and pick up stacking with stability and repeatability

-Efficiency: Servo Driven with all the axes for high precision, quick movement allowing highest efficiency

-Ease: All settings are easy to make, logical and easily accessible via the V25 control system