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TCL Hofmann & Toyo (Japan) are partnered together to bring quality All Electric Injection Moulding Machines (IMM) to the Australian market.

Toyo offer energy efficient injection moulding machines with superior repeatability and reliability, ensuring you get the best performance out of your investment. Aside from the energy savings (which alone are significant - 70% in some cases), Toyo machines also offer significant noise reductions and elimination of hazardous fluids creating a more efficient, quieter and cleaner workplace.

When compared to standard hydraulic machines, Toyo All Electric machines cycle faster, not just because clamp and injection units are faster, but also because it is possible to operate using parallel movements of clamp, screw recharge and ejection. Servo-motors provide full closed loop control of injection speeds.

Toyo offer a range of machine sizes from 50T up to 950T with various configurations depending on the requirements of the project. 

For more information please see below brochures & spec sheets:

Toyo SI-6 series:

Small Size Machines (50 - 230T):  Brochure  Specs

Large Size Machines (280 - 950T):   Brochure  Specs