The 5 W's of IML:

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TCL Hofmann & Nan Rong (Taiwan) are partnered together to bring quality Injection Moulding Machines (IMM) to the Australian market.

Nan Rong machines are a proven high performance, high quality machine built in Taiwan made from quality components. Combined with local service & support from one of Australia‚Äôs longest established equipment suppliers, Nan Rong and TCL Hofmann strive to deliver quality machinery and the best overall value for your capital investment.

Nan Rong machines come in sizes ranging from 45T up to 1800T, with many different models including:
  • Standard machine - NRT series
  • Servo machine (for energy saving) - NRT-D series
  • High Speed machine (for thin wall applications) - NRT-S Series
  • Increased Injection unit machine - NRT-L series
  • Double Platen Machine (non-toggle machine for decreased footprint) - NRH Series
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