The 5 W's of IML:

TCL IML Equipment
     -Side Entry IML
     -Top Entry IML 

TCL IMM Equipment
     -All Electric


W7 Series Top Loading IML

Top Loading IML Robots offer entry level solutions for IML products and placement of labels into the mould. Movements are over x/y/z axes allowing for simplistic programming of your IML product. Product removal after moulding is not common with top loading IML robots but can be performed if required (note: in mould times are increased in this case).

Wetec offer a range of side entry models in various sizes to meet your specific IML needs. Their models include: W7309, W7312, W7512, W7515, W7518, W7520, W7525, W7720, W7725, W7730.

Top entry robots are particularly popular with larger products such as buckets, pails etc where cycle times are longer and in mould times are not as critical.

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